I believe in secret weapons, the power of a right hand, in one step ahead and the big picture, and a full, unparalleled, wholistic, worry-free experience that begins the first time we speak.



The Right Hand Works

I am your second pair of hands and I am your second brain. I fill in your gaps and pick up your slack. I make your life easier and your business better. I believe you deserve to feel something when you work with me and remember me when you look back at this time. You deserve to be at peace and trust that I have your back and the vision for your business. You deserve to know and be comforted by the fact that there’s someone else who wants your success as badly as you do and will do everything it takes to help set you up for it. You deserve to have your time preserved and treasured without sacrificing the quality of any of your business activities.

I am your secret weapon; thinking, strategizing, acting and executing, researching, planning, manipulating, managing, protecting, designing, improving, maintaining, building, crafting solutions that can be seen, felt, even touched every day as you go about your everyday personal and business life.

I believe in above and beyond through intelligence, wisdom, follow through, loyalty, and execution.

I believe virtual assistants are there to enhance you, your lifestyle, and your business and enable your dreams.

I believe your right hand has your back (you, your life, your business, your loved ones, everything you care about) always.

Why it’s The Works

I remember my earliest days. I remember those things I’d do just because, the extra things I felt needed to be done, the extra things I just felt compelled to do out of love, to give more, to do my best… Oh I remember all the comments I’d get like “that was really great, I didn’t even ask you to do that”, or, “wow, that makes my life so much easier, thanks a lot!”, or “you’re so much more than my PA”, etc. It did not take me long when I decided I’d earn my living like this to see what made me special and stand out.

Everyone has a to do list that’s way too long. There’s always that collection of things that needs some attention but you can only stretch yourself so far. Anyone can check those boxes. Among other things I’ve come to realize hands on that taking care of the unmentionables, creating extra to do’s and checking them myself because they’re going to make the difference in a customer experience or a design process, and basically going the whole 9 yards makes the difference for the client and his/her business.
Those extra things really deliver the value we believe in and strive for and makes every bit of difference at the end of the day. Whether it’s a gift, or a system overhaul, or a happy customer, or just getting things done before you have to ask, it’s the whole Works that deliver that dreamy experience any successful thriving professional craves.

What it makes it special? I’m a daughter of the King. Everything about my work is governed by my Lord and Heavenly Father. I am blessed in how I can earn a living, I seek to love and work hard in all that I do, and at the end of the day, He gets all the honour and the glory with every positive feedback I receive from my clients.



1. Connected Your Virtual Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant Journey
I appreciate and understand that this process can be overwhelming, not to mention critical to your vision. Getting it right is the goal. Your journey with me starts with your consultation. When I’ve welcomed you on board, you’ll leave with a guide and a gift so you can make the most of my all-inclusive services.

2. Join a community of former clients, show off your work and be the first to know about new offerings and get special rates for repeat clients only.

3. Works and Management by Design– A Reflection of Your Vision
Whether you need assistance for your business or your personal life, or a combination of both, we will craft the perfect vision and work life together to ensure that the activities and approach to tasks and work fit with your personal and professional style while exuding the wonder of the Works- whole and balanced.

4. A full suite of Care. When you invest in a professional assistant, you deserve a professional quality administrative experience that shows you and your business off. I specialize in providing a balanced service to my clients by diving in and learning all about you and your story, checking all the historical details, and becoming highly knowledgeable in the areas of interest and industry. As a result I am not only able to help you out on the surface, but I can also effectively guide you on things, for example your daily operations on how to streamline and improve processes the most that keep your business organized and your customers raving, not to mention maintain your sanity and preserve your time and boundaries the most. This service is delivered in such a way as to create a meaningful impact- one that’s both effective and affective.

From the beginning, I’ve had the honour of working alongside a variety of high performing and high end entrepreneurs, business owners, teams, and executives. Here is a sample collection of what clients say about the Right Hand Works business services.


Jamilia is excellent and has become a great asset AND a member of the family. I’m rehiring her at a higher rate; I continue to use her on a daily basis. Strengths are strategy and operational insight. I trust her to provide opinions and feedback on my daily business. She started as an assistant but has proved more effective as a trusted advisor. Excellent communicator, she always keeps me up-to-date on what’s happening. Trustworthy and Reliable. Extremely happy with Jamilia. – Chris Williams


It was an amazing experience working together! Skilled professional with a business growth background, Jamilia quickly understood what needed to be done and accomplished a lot more than was asked. She is self-driven and proactive, and generates much more value than money invested in her services. Thanks, Jamilia! Hope to work with you again in the future on similar projects. Highly recommended! – Serge Uvarov, FinTech and Programming Professional


Jamilia is a hidden jewel. The work she provides is HIGHLY skilled and on the highest level of professionalism. We appreciate Jamilia’s work ethic, time management, and being a team player. We look forward to continuing to use her skills at our company.- WashTone Media


Jamilia is fabulous! Her communication skills, capabilities and earnest effort to understand and carry through your vision is wonderful. – Carolyn Herfurth


Jamilia is one of the most professional freelancers I have ever come in contact with and I have been in business for quite a few years. Her ability to handle tasks, executing deadlines, and developing projects is simply astounding. – Jayme Washington


Great experience! Jamilia is great! She stuck to the deadline, she gave me work that was top notch, and she is naturally gifted for this type of work. Hire her for social posts for sure! – Carly Reeves


My personal recommendations are few and far between. I recently had the pleasure of working with a Virtual Assistant and based on that experience, wanted to share this with you.  Should you have need of a virtual assistant, I can personally vouch for her competency, her consistent quality of output, timeliness, thought partnership and willingness to become a value to her client. Not all VA’s are created equal, and I can tell you as the normally cost-conscious sort, I’m so relieved I selected Jamilia as my VA.  She’s worth every penny. – Karen Hilton


Jamilia is fantastic! She fully comprehended the nuances of the project and related the research to what she knows of my company. I recommend her without reservation. – Chris Evans


Divine touches. A step further. Digging, Finding, and Follow up planning and implementation. Playful and approachable. Whimsical and sophisticated. Your best business. Your best life. You get to enjoy all these things and more when you select the right person to help you.

I choose to offer a full virtual service at the minimum, preferably. Realizing the added value I am able to bring, this is always the one that creates that greatest impact and delivers my signature experience the best. It means providing you an unparalleled experience you could only get from an actual employee combined with a consultant. I find the meaning of what success looks and feels like to you and I work alongside you to bring that to light.

I offer a variety of ways to deliver this experience including monthly 3-month commitment contracts, 6-month minimum contracts, yearly arrangements, or pay as you go packaged time-based monthly services. Every experience includes a personalized consultation.